Transmission Adapters


Installation Instructionís for Chevy Transmission

to-í55 to í64 Pontiac V8 Adapter Kit




These instructions assume that the installer has more than a small amount of mechanical skill and know how.


While performing this installation, please remember a few simple rules.

(1)   Install all bolts in a particular sequence before tightening any.

(2)   Never force anything.

(3)   Lubricate bolt threads.

 (4) Trial fit everything to make sure it will fit. See rule #2.


Each part of every kit has been fitted onto an actual engine before being boxed to make sure it will fit correctly.  If it doesnít fit correctly there may be some problem with your engine. Call if there is a problem.


Make sure that there is about 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch clearance between the torque converter and the flywheel after the transmission is tight to the engine adapter.

If you have more distance than that indicated, you may have an engine problem.


1. Install adapter plate using hardware provided. The adapter is a tight fit over the dowel pins. Make sure the dowels are in place and free of burrs. Tap the adapter into place. A tight fit insures that the plate is located correctly. 


2. Install the crank adapter with the provided screws. Use loctite. Be careful when lining up the bolt holes. There is one offset bolt hole. Start all bolts before tightening any.


3. Tighten all 6 bolts.


4. Install flywheel using the 6 flywheel bolts provided.. Tighten to factory specs, using locktight.


5. Install starter using bolts provided. The starter is mounted upside down.


6. Install transmission and torque converter. Donít over tighten bell housing bolts. Stripped threads are not warranted.



This kit should work with any Chevrolet V8 transmission and torque converter.



Note: Plates are designed for more than one motor, so not all holes are used on any particular application.


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