Transmission Adapters


Installation Instructions - B.P.O.C.

 Remove the alignment dowel pins from the block and replace with the supplied longer dowel pins.  Don't skip this step!  The factory alignment dowels are not long enough to correctly align the transmission, after the new plate is installed.

 Bolt adapter plate to the block of the B.P.O.C. engine you are using, with the taper head bolts provided.  The two lower trans bolt holes will install all the way thru the transmission adapter plate into the block.

Install the stock flywheel.  GM only had two different torque converter bolt patterns.  Cadillac is the only division that didn't use the smaller pattern.  Most GM flywheels are drilled for both patterns.

Insert the torque converter pilot adapter flush into the end of the crank shafts.

Use the spacer/shims provided between the flywheel and the torque converter.

Check the clearance between the converter and the spacers.  You should be able to slide the converter forward to the spacers about 1/8 of an inch.  If there is more than this amount of clearance, you may have a crankshaft thrust bearing problem.  If there is less than 1/8 or no clearance, you may not have the converter spun into the transmission all the way.


Call if you need assistance.  Bob Bendtsen  763-767-4480