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   Buick nailhead bellhousing 


Buick Nailhead bell housing Kit.   These are ready to ship right now!

Bucik nailhead stick kit

1957 to 1966 Buick nailhead bell housing to common GM manual transmission bolt pattern. Fits all 364/401/425 engines.  

Will not fit the 264/322 nailhead engine made from 1953 to 1956.

These parts can be purchased individually. The bellhousing is $345.00 and the flywheel is $345.00.

We also have a mini-high torque starter for the '64 to '66 nailhead engines, and the '57 to '63 engines if you are using a '64 to '66 flywheel or flexplate.

This bell housing will allow you to bolt a Muncie 4speed/Borg-Warner T10/Saginaw3 and 4 speed or any other manual transmission that uses the common GM bolt pattern to your Buick nailhead engine. It will work with either type of stock flywheel. Flat or recessed. Both of these are difficult to find. We also sell a replacement flywheel, clutch kit, pilot bearing adapter, and clutch fork. The flywheels are brand new, balanced units. They take a common Chev 10 1/2 or 11 inch clutch assembly. The clutch we use has an offset hub so it won't hit the extended pilot bearing adapter.

The clutch fork # from GM is 3765372 or 15687296. The pilot bushing or bearing is the same as used in most ’55 and up Chev V8/V6/L6 engines inserted into a aluminum pilot adapter. The pilot adapter is different between the 1963 and older motors and the 1964 to 1966 motors. When using our stick flywheel, you must use a 1964 to 1966 stock Buick nailhead starter. Many starter catalogs incorrectly show that the starters are the same from ’61 to ’66. Many rebuilders also put either starter in the same box. You must use the correct starter. I’ve enclosed a picture of both starters so you can ID the right one. 

ID info.

The crankshaft on the ’64 to ’66 has a flywheel locating flange OD of 2.48 inches.

The crankshaft on the ’57 to ’63 has a flywheel locating flange OD of 2.90 inches.

Our innovative machining allows 1 part number to fit BOTH flanges with NO adapter or spacer of any kind, and still locate correctly on BOTH flanges. We designed this, so when our competition starts copying us, (they always do) you’ll know. They currently utilize a spacer or tell you to grind away the locating flange! I can't believe they tell you to destroy your crankshaft.

The pilot bushing adapter is different for each type of crankshaft. The pilot adapter OD for the ’57 to ’63 is 2.03. The pilot adapter OD for the ’64 to ’66 is 1.702.

 Drive the pilot adapter into the crank until it sticks out approximately 5/16 of an inch.

Buick nailhead starters

The top starter in the picture is the correct starter for the ’64 to ’66 Buick nailhead. The bottom starter sometimes comes when ordering a starter for these engines. It is for the older motors only. There is a different offset on the starter drive.   

  Buick nailhead crank shaft

IMPORTANT!!! Make sure the flywheel is indexed correctly. It is externally balanced for all 364/401/425 nailhead engines. The 364 is balanced different than the 401 and 425 engines. There is an alignment hole in the crankshaft on all year engines. Make sure you can see this alignment hole thru the flywheel alignment hole when installing the new flywheel.

Buick nailhead flywheel 


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