216/235 /261 Chev 6 Cyl To Chev V8 style automatic transmission

Installation Instructions

235 Chev 6 cylinder to common Chev pattern

These instructions assume that the installer has more than a small amount of mechanical skill and know how.


While performing this installation, please remember a few simple rules.

(1)   Install all bolts in a particular sequence before tightening any.

(2)   Never force anything.

(3)   Lubricate bolt threads.

 (4) Trial fit everything to make sure it will fit. See rule #2.

Kit contents

1. Block adapter plate w/starter mount

2. Custom 168 tooth flywheel

3. Bolt kit (6x 7/16x14x1 inch flathead screws and 6x 7/16x20x3/4 inch flywheel bolts)

4. Stagger bolt starter is the same as starter for 1998 5.3 liter Chev engine.

This kit will fit all Chevrolet straight 6 engines built 1962 and older with a 6 bolt crankshaft. 1963 and newer straight 6 engines do not need any adapter.     The 1955 thru 1997 Chev V8 transmissions will already bolt right onto the 1963 and newer 230/250/292 straight 6 engines.

With your transmission removed, clean the back of the block where the adapter will contact it. Make sure both alignment dowels are in place. If you have three alignment dowels remove the one on top. Bolt the adapter plate to the block with the 5 flathead screws. Due to the differences in engines over the years, it may be necessary to fit the plate to the block. They weren't all made exactly the same. Also check where the starter bracket touches the oil pan. Some pans hit the bracket. If this is the case, grind either the bracket or the pan rail. This is a tight fit. This is so there will be a rock solid starter mount. Now install the provided flywheel using the 6 flywheel bolts provided. It only goes on one way and is a tight fit. You should now be able to bolt any Chev V8 style automatic transmission to the back of this motor. This kit is for use on motors with a 6 bolt crank only. GMC takes a different kit. You will need to install a timing tape onto your crank damper. The original timing marks on the flywheel (seen through the original bellhousing) will no longer be there. Do this before you remove the stock flywheel so you can line it up.

Important!  Check to make sure that the pilot on the torque converter you plan to use will fit into the crankshaft. Many of the 216/235/261 engines prior to 1955 had an inside crankshaft diameter of 1.686. The standard torque converter pilot on a GM converter is 1.702. You will have to remove some material on the converter pilot to get it to fit if this is the case.

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