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We assume that the person installing this kit has a certain amount of mechanical aptitude and ability. It is not for the beginner. Make sure you clean all surfaces when mating these parts together. Always check bolt clearances. We try to make everything as simple as possible to help you, but the ultimate responsibility as to the assembly of the kit is up to the installer. Check and recheck as you go. We canít foresee every change or modification that could possibly occur in the building of a custom vehicle. Especially when we are dealing with 50-year-old motors.

 A few common sense installation tips.

1.      Install all bolts before tightening in any sequence.

2.      Use loctite and torque bolts where applicable.

3.      Donít over tighten bolts into aluminum. There is NO warranty on stripped threads.

4.      AODís have extremely sensitive detent cable adjustments. Be careful and donít assume. Check everything and be sure. 

Most of the kit has been assembled so you can see how it goes together. The adapter plate and starter should be left together.

There are oil galley plugs in the back of the block that need to be below the height of where the adapter bolts onto the block. Either tighten or grind these plugs below the block surface. Bolt the adapter plate onto the block using the 6 -7/16x14 x1 3/4 socket head cap screws. The adapter plate goes onto the block with the starter bolted to it.

After cleaning the crankshaft flange, bolt the crank adapter onto the crank making sure you line up the boltholes first. Check to make sure the bolts donít go through the crank flange too far and bind the crank. You will sometimes have to grind a little off the bolts. The crank adapter only bolts on one way. There is an offset bolthole.

Then bolt the flywheel up to the crank adapter, also making sure you line up the offset bolt holes. Make sure the starter drive clears the flywheel. The flywheel that comes with the kit is for the AOD transmission only! It will not work with any other transmission. You can bolt other transmissions to this adapter plate but you will need to purchase different flywheels. The difference is the ľ inch setback in the flywheel. The flywheels used for other Ford transmissions like the C6 and the E4OD donít have the same spacing.

Flywheels for the other transmissions are commonly available from many aftermarket sources. You must use Ford 4.9 flywheels. These flywheels are the same as the 302 and 351w motors in all respects except balancing. The 4.9 flywheels are neutral balanced. The 302 and 351w have a weight. You can use the 302 and 351w flywheels if you grind off the weight.

 Fit the AOD transmission onto the adapter without the torque converter to see where you will have to grind a small piece off the transmission case. This is to clear the starter drive only. Grind the area away until the case clears the starter drive.

Now bolt on the supplied flywheel.  This flywheel only fits the AOD and C5 transmissions.  If you want to install a C4, C6, FMX or E40D transmission, you will need a different flywheel.  The back spacing is different between these transmissions.  If you wish to install a manual transmission, you can bolt any small block Ford clutch, flywheel & bellhousing assembly onto this setup.  Just make sure the flywheel is neutral balanced,.  The crank adapter will accept all Ford pilot bearing assembly's.

Note for owners of 410 and 428 engines only.  Your motors are externally balanced. You will need to bolt the supplied flywheel and crank adapter together and match balance as an assembly to your present flywheel.  All other FE engines leave as is.


 Bolt the adapter plate onto the AOD transmission first.  Then you can see through the starter hole where you will have to grind a small piece off the transmission case.  This is to clear the starter drive only.  See the line drawn on the transmission case in the picture.  Grind the area away until the starter drive clears the case.  This area is not present on all AOD's.  Some AOD's only have a rib at this location.  Grinding this area doesn't hurt the transmission in any way.  Remember that the starter drive extends out while operating, so keep this in mind while deciding how deep to grind

You should now be able to bolt on your AOD trans



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