Ford 2300 4 Cyl To Chev V8 style automatic transmission   $895.00

Installation Instructions

Ford 2300 to Chev automatic trans Ford 2300 kit installed Ford 2300 dowel pin Ford 2300 cleaned block & crank Ford 2300 crank adapter installed Ford 2300 with adapter and crank spacer installed

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These instructions assume that the installer has more than a small amount of mechanical skill and know how.


While performing this installation, please remember a few simple rules.

(1)   Install all bolts in a particular sequence before tightening any.

(2)   Never force anything.

(3)   Lubricate bolt threads.

 (4) Trial fit everything to make sure it will fit. See rule #2.

Kit contents

1. Engine adapter plate

2. 153 tooth flexplate

3. Bolt kit

4. Mini high torque starter

5. Crank adapter

With your transmission removed, clean the back of the block where the adapter will contact it. Make sure both alignment dowels are in place. Cut the stock dowel pins down to 1/4 inch sticking out from the block. These pins are hollow. There are bolts that go through them. Bolt the adapter plate to the block with the 4 flathead screws and the 2 socket head capscrews. The top 2 flathead screws are 45MM and screw into the block. The next 2 flathead screws are 50MM and go through the block and get lock washers, flat washers, and nuts. The socket head capscrews go through the block adapter plate, through the hollow dowel pins and also get flathead washers, lockwashers and nuts.

The crankshaft adapter is next. Super clean the crank flange. The Ford crankshaft bolt hole pattern has one offset bolt hole. Rotate the crank adapter until all 6 bolt holes line up. DON'T pound the crank adapter onto the crank. It should be a tight fit, but you should not have to force it on. The 6 Torx head bolts fasten the crank adapter to the crankshaft. Torque them to factory specs.  Now install the provided flexplate using the 6 flexplate bolts provided. You should now be able to bolt any Chev V8 style automatic transmission to the back of this motor.

The provided mini starter bolts on with the 2 - 3/8 x 16 x 3 inch bolts provided.

Make sure the starter properly engages the flexplate before bolting up the transmission.

If you want to put a manual transmission onto this adapter kit, remove the flexplate and bolt a 168 tooth Chev flywheel to the crank adapter using Chev flywheel bolts. The crank adapter will also accept a stock Chev pilot bushing or pilot bearing. Then just bolt on the correct Chev bellhousing and you can bolt on the Chev manual trans. 

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