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Ford 4.0 liter V6 engine to Chev auto trans


We assume that the person installing this kit has a certain amount of mechanical aptitude and ability. It is not for the beginner. Make sure you clean all surfaces when mating these parts together. Always check bolt clearances. We try to make everything as simple as possible to help you, but the ultimate responsibility as to the assembly of the kit is up to the installer. Check and recheck as you go. We canít foresee every change or modification that could possibly occur in the building of a custom vehicle.


A few common sense installation tips.

1.      Install all bolts before tightening in any sequence.

2.      Use loctite and torque bolts where applicable.

3.      Donít over tighten bolts. There is NO warranty on stripped threads.

4.      Be careful and donít assume. Check everything and be sure. 



 Kit contents:

  1. Adapter plate  
  2. Torque converter adapter
  3. Bolt kit



Clean the back of the block before installing the adapter plate. Remove the exhaust manifolds, they will be in the way. Cut the Ford alignment dowels down to .330 (about 5/16 to 3/8 of an inch.)

 Install the adapter plate using the supplied socket head cap screws. 


Install the converter adapter onto the torque converter you will be using and then trial fit it onto the stock Ford flexplate.

You will be using the stock Ford 4.0 liter starter, but you will need to grind a flat spot on the end. Bolt the starter onto the adapter plate then trial fit the converter and converter adapter as an assembly.

You should be able to see where you need to grind the flat spot. Once this is done and everything clears, remove the starter. The torque converter nuts are installed through the starter access hole. Spin the converter assembly into the transmission and install the transmission onto the engine just like you would if you were installing a Ford trans. Make sure the converter is spun in all the way or you won't have enough clearance and you could damage the trans.





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