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                      Ford modular motor to Chev transmission adapter kit installation instructions 

Works with 4.6 / 5.4 / and the V10 Ford engines. Should also work with the 5.0 Coyote motor but we haven't had the opportunity to fit one.

There are 2 versions of this kit.

One works with the transmissions from the Chev LS series motors and the other works with the common Chev transmissions like the 350 / 400 / 700 etc.  

Ford modular motor to Chev auto trans adapter kit. Modular motor to Chev trans converter adapter    $1195.00

Kit contents

  1. Bellhousing adapter plate         
  2. Converter to flexplate adapter  
  3. Qty 6 of a M10 socket head cap screw
  4. Qty of 4 x 7/16 x 20 x 3/4 inch bolts
  5.  GM Metric Converter Bolts x 3
  6. Qty 1 of a M10 flathead-socket head bolt
  7. Qty 1 of 5/8 Dowel pin with 1/2 step on shoulder
  8. Qty 1 of 5/8 Dowel pin x 2

     This kit allows you to bolt  Chev auto transmissions to Ford modular motors.  This kit is designed to utilize the stock Ford flexplate and the stock Ford starter that came on your modular motor.

  Make sure that your alignment dowel pins are present in your engine. Place bellhousing adapter plate onto your engine over the original dowel pins. Fasten the plate with the enclosed cap screws and bolts to the block.  

  Attach the torque converter adapter onto your stock Chev torque converter using the supplied M10 x 1.5 GM metric converter bolts. Check your threads carefully to make sure you use the correct bolts. With the stock Ford flexplate installed, fit the torque converter with adapter bolted to it (not in the transmission at this time) to the crankshaft making sure that with everything in place it can be pushed up to the flexplate with no interference. Now you can install the converter into the transmission (make sure that it is spun into the transmission all the way) and bolt the transmission to the engine. When the transmission is bolted to the engine, the converter must have some free play (approximately 1/8 to 3 1/6 of an inch). If there is no free play, donít continue, find out why. Use loctite on the bolts holding the converter spacer to the flexplate. Use the stock Ford starter that came with your engine. 

We also have another Ford modular motor kit that will allow you to bolt a Dodge Hemi style (Mercedes) auto trans onto these engines.