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Ford small block to early Ford transmission adapter kit installation instructions 

Works with 302, 351W, 351C V8's. 240, 250, 300 straight six engines. 3.8 V6 engine. Also fits the 289 with a 6 bolt bellhousing bolt pattern. 

This kit works with the transmissions from the 1948 and older flathead motors. The F series trucks from 1949 to 1953 continued using these old style transmissions even though the engine changed. They used a factory trans adapter.  

Ford 302 to early Ford trans Ford 351W with early Ford adapter kit Ford 351W with early Ford adapter kit  The complete kit shown is $1095.00. We also sell this kit without the flywheel, starter, or ARP bolts for $685.00.

Kit contents

  1. Bellhousing.         
  2. Starter alignment plate
  3. Qty 6 of a 7/16 X 14 X 1 1/2 inch bolt
  4. Qty of 6 x 7/16 x 20 x 1 inch bolts (ARP flywheel bolts)
  5.  Qty 2 of a 3/8 X 16 X 1 1/4 inch bolt
  6. Qty 2 of a 5/16 X 18 X 3/4 bolt
  7. Mini-starter
  8. New flywheel. We balance them based on what engine you tell us you have.

     This kit allows you to bolt  3 and 4 speed  transmissions from 1948 & older Ford motors to small block Ford bellhousing bolt patterned engines. 

This kit is designed to utilize the stock Ford pressure plate, cross-shaft, fork, and throwout bearing that came stock on the early cars and trucks.

The kit uses the stock small block Ford starter and flywheel.  Be careful when choosing a flywheel. The straight 6 engines used a neutral balance while the V8s used 28 oz and 50 oz balance weights depending on the year of the engine. This kit can only be used with a 164 tooth flywheel. The 157 tooth flywheel will not work.

You may have to redrill the pressure plate bolt pattern in the flywheel depending on which pressure plate you are using. The flywheel we sell has 2 bolt patterns on it already .


  Make sure that your alignment dowel pins are present in your engine. Place starter alignment plate & bellhousing adapter onto your engine over the original dowel pins. Fasten the plate with the enclosed bolts to the block.  The early Ford trans that fit this kit are the ones with the input pilot diameter of .670. There are some transmissions out there with a much bigger pilot tip.