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Installation Instructionís for Chevy Transmission-to-í49 to í53 Ford Flathead Adapter Kit

These instructions assume that the installer has more than a small amount of mechanical skill and know how.

While performing this installation, please remember a few simple rules.

-Install all bolts in a particular sequence before tightening any.

-Never force anything.

-Lubricate bolt threads.

(4) Trial fit everything to make sure it will fit. See rule #2.

Each part of every kit has been fitted onto an actual Flathead engine before being boxed to make sure it will fit correctly. If it doesnít fit correctly there may be some problem with your engine. Call if there is a problem.

The number one problem is the installer doesnít have the torque converter completely spun into the transmission. This means that there wonít be enough clearance between the torque converter and the flywheel.

Make sure that there is about 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch clearance between the torque converter and the flywheel after the transmission is tight to the engine adapter with the supplied spacers installed between the torque converter and flywheel. This means that you should be able to move the torque converter forward to the spacers the distance indicated.

If you have more distance than that indicated, you probably have a bad crankshaft thrust bearing.

1. Install adapter using 4 taper head screws from the rear of the block. The adapter is a tight fit over the dowel pins. Make sure the dowels are in place and free of burrs. Tap the adapter into place. A tight fit insures that the plate is located correctly.

2. Drill the two bottom holes just enough to open them up (1/8) from the front of the block. This is because the original blocks werenít drilled all the way through. You donít have to drill out the threads. The 3/8 bolts will fit snugly through the 7/16 tapped holes. This will retain the option of going back to the original transmission if you ever choose to. See attached pictures.

3. Tighten all 6 bolts.

4. Install flywheel using the 4 -12 point grade 8 cap screws. Tighten to factory specs, using locktight.

5. Install starter using bolts provided.

6. Install transmission and torque converter. The 5/16 bolts install in the lower bell housing bolt holes. Donít over tighten bell housing bolts. Stripped threads are not warranted.

7. Install spacers and torque bolts between flywheel and torque converter, checking to make sure the clearance is correct. Install all before tightening any.

8. Install inspection cover using ľ inch bolts supplied.

This kit should work with any Chevrolet transmission using the smaller of the two bolt circle torque converter diameters. Stock 400 and 4L80E torque converters need the larger bolt circle. These flywheels are available by request, but are not normally used because these converters have very low stall speeds. 350thís, 700R4ís, and Powerglide torque converters, use the smaller bolt circle, as well as most higher stall converters.

If you have any questions, please call Bob Bendtsen at 763 767 4480 days.


You will need to open up the hole in the block so the two bottom bolts can be installed through the back side of the block. You donít need to drill out the threads. All you need to do is drill in, 1/8 of an inch with a 7/16 drill bit. This will allow you to put the stock bellhousing back on should you ever choose to.



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