The Indy Road Rockets

These pictures are from the 2003 Rockabilly Rebel Weekend that coincides with the Indy Road Rockets car show. The people that are in most of the pictures, are friends that caravanned down with me. In no particular order is Dean and Kathy, Natalie and Chris, Terry and Cindy. All of them are super hot lindy & east coast swing dancers. As you scroll thru the pictures you will come to several pictures of what looks like an injected hemi powered dragster in front of the nightclub hosting the bands. Yes it is true. Those crazy bastards unloaded the dragster, primed it up and with lookouts, several dozen beers and a wary eye, ran that thing full power right thru the middle of  downtown indianapolis. Ya' gotta love beer and hemi powered dragsters. They just go together.

At the show a couple of years later I pulled into the parking lot the night before the show and to my surprise, there were half a dozen straight axle gassers locking the front wheels with the line locks and baking the tires off of them with bleach & all. You could see the smoke for miles. It looked like a high rise on fire. Then while drinking a beer and laughing my ass off, the local cop pulled in and surprise again, instead of bitchin' us out and tellin' us to go home, he got into position and started cookin' HIS tires too! I was lucky enough to win the give-a-way guitar at the end of the show, which I still have. That same night some one smashed the windows out of my '61 Pontiac and pulled the back seat out to gain access to the trunk. I think they were after the guitar but I had moved it to my hotel room.

The Road Rockets are a really fun group. I have to say that of all the car shows I've ever been too, (and that is saying a lot) The Road Rockets put on the best with the original Hunnert car pile-up as the second best. I'm talkin' about before the Grundy county Speedway. Back at the body shop. I could talk about the guys who at 2am were running their flame-thrower exhaust right next to the hotel and literally running the fire 20 ft up the side of the building and then pulling forward and burning the asphalt off the parking lot, but I'll shut up about that. I couldn't find any pictures of my '36 Plymouth rat running a Ford 460 that I drove there.


  The 2 finalists for "Miss Road Rocket" There was a tie that had to be decided by applause. The gal on the right won.