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 "I will say, beyond the fact that I prefer your steel adapter and the use of an OEM flywheel, your customer service is terrific! ..........Thanks for providing me with the info I need to make solid decisions with my project. From here forward, you have my business and word of mouth promotion. ..............Thanks again for your time." Jim Denison  Dec 7 2011

"I just received my parts that I ordered, and wanted to tell you how VERY pleased with the quality I am. Everything fits perfectly. Its nice to see that some people still take the time to produce quality items. We will be doing more business together. "  Thanks, John Treharne   Aug 15 2012

"I called Bendtsen and ordered up the adapter kit tailored to my application.  A few days later, the kit arrived and we were on our way."

"The kit as supplied by Bendtsen includes an aluminum adapter plate, a new high-torque starter, a new flex-plate and a crankshaft extension. The parts are all high quality and as we were to learn later in the operation, they fit together perfectly."        -Alan Mayes - car kulture DeLuxe

"Hello, I purchased your AOD - Y block adapter and I am very happy with the quality. It is well worth the money. The machining is perfect."         -Shawn, Bremerton, WA


"YOUR SITE is probably the best I've ever been to!  Being a Fe/Mel fan [also 534/Transmatic!] affectionado, I'm a little biased when I find someone with obvious similar thinking.  Excellent photos of the FE "427"-[w/'65-to'70  Ford big car cast headers, the most beautiful iron castings I've ever seen].  Thanks for everything.  Keep up the good work."               -Dalezalaoras


"Hi. Adapter arrived today. It looks great. Maybe to good looking a part to hide between the engine and transmission, and shipping wasn't more than 6 weeks. Thank you for the great service."            Tomi, Finland


"Bob, I wanted to tell you that the work you have done for us is some of the best I've seen--very thorough & professional...and the CD was a very nice touch.  Thank you again for the fine work."                     -Randall, Murray, UT


"Bob, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that my tranny swap (C6 to Y-Block) is working great in my '59 Edsel. I drove it on a 1,000 mile trip last week and it's a dream to drive now. We'll be running a tech article about the swap soon."  -Alan, Managing Editor/Advertising Manager - Ol' Skool Rodz Magazine


"Adapter arrived safely today.  Many thanks... it looks fantastic ! I"m chasing up a Hydramatic flywheel now & hopefully, will soon be able to fit up the box, do the floor / trans tunnel etc.  Again, most appreciative of your efforts... it's damned fine work. Best regards."                           -Wayne, Australia


"In August of 2004, I purchased an adapter to mount an AOD transmission to a Y block V8. The process of completing this car has been slow. I had to install the engine and transmission in the car after the engine compartment was restored but before the body was painted. I am currently completing the interior and am anxious to drive my new ride.

About your kit!!!!!!!!!!!1

I was impressed from the start when I received the "kit".

The starter was connected to the adapter plate. All bolts were provided and the instructions were very specific. I had no trouble making the connection and adaptation went very smoothly.

While the modification to the frame was not "Bendtsen's" responsibility, you were very helpful in pointing me in the direction of were modifications needed to be performed. After mocking up the transmission/engine combination in styrofoam, I was able to determine the cut/bends and general tweaking that needed to be done. I truly expected to have to insert the trans/engine at least twice before achieving a desirable fit. To my surprise, the assembly went in the first time and I did not have to remove it for additional modifications.

My project is a 1956 Thunderbird. I am using the original shifter and have "timed" it to the AOD. Other than the plate used to make the conversion, it is very difficult to determine the modification.

GREAT JOB Bob Bendtsen and crew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"      -Larry, Oakland MI


"Bob, John from Tomah. I bought one of your 57 - 63 nailhead kits to put a turbo 350 behind. Just let you know, I pulled it all together today.  Put it in there and ran it, and your stuff fits like a glove. Everything bolted right up, everything fit. You don't find that too often. I built quite a few street rods and some of the shit you buy, you got to modify the unit. Your stuff worked good Bob, Thank you !"         -John, Tomah WI


"The engine and trans are now in the car.  I'm impressed with the precision in which these parts were made and fit."                        -Posted in Y-Blocks Forever


"Just a short note to let you know how much I appreciated your time on the phone with me earlier this week.  My mechanic and I are both VERY impressed with your entire setup.  You will be hearing from us shortly on your kit for the 1960 390 matching up to an overdrive GM trans.  We are both guys who want to steer clear of the SB Chevy craze, so you are a breath of fresh air.    We think your WEB site is outstanding, and your historical comments are not only welcomed, but very refreshing, to say the least.  I am glad to find someone who talks the language I grew up with and who has a passion to keep this good stuff alive.  Best regards."                         -David


"As far as this tech editor is concerned, the crew at Bendtsen's Transmission Adapters had the coolest booth at the show.  Theses guys specialize in building adapters to bolt on late-model GM automatics for virtually every mill you can think of.  Alternative engines like nailhead Buicks and early Hemis are huge right now, and these adapters can make them practical.  The dual-quad Buford pictured here with the 700R4 is just a sample of what they had on display.  Go to for more info."                         -Rod & Custom


"Our early research indicated there was no kit on the market for this combination, but then after doing some internet research, we came across Bendtsen's Transmission Center in Ham Lake, Minnesota.  After a brief discussion about its new adapter plate and the obligatory passing of the plastic numbers, we had an adapter kit coming our way.  It was exactly what we were looking for, and the cool part is that this Y-block adapter will mount an AOD, C4 or C6 to your Y-block.  Of course, the proper flexplate must be used for each of these transmissions, but it is a very versatile adapter plate.  We opted for the AOD to Y-block arrangement, and for our $700 we received one very nice machined adapter plate, a new high-torque starter, a crankshaft adapter and a new flexplate.  Also included in the kit were all the mounting bolts.  The kit isn't cheap, but it is complete, it works and all the parts are well machined."               -Street Rod Builder


"There's a revolution coming, folks.  And it will no doubt be a bloody one, full of crying in the streets and total mayhem.

It is the uprising of the people against the small block Chevy and it will be led by a man from Minnesota.

Bob Bendtsen is a visionary.  He's a man of conviction who will lead his people (we hot rodders) to salvation with his line of transmission adapters that allow weird motors to be backed up by reliable transmissions.  With Bob's help, we can now use that Buick Fireball Straight 8 and enjoy the comfort and reliability of a Turbo 400 transmission.  Your buddy down the street is already unearthing that early Cadillac flathead and giggling with visions of doing neutral drops in his Model A, thanks to Bendtsen's transmission adapters.

Bendtsen's adapters are an amazingly comprehensive line that have just about every obscure motor that you'd want to show off spoken for.  From Y-blocks to Nailheads and most everything in between, a complete adapter kit can be ordered and installed by anyone with two wrenches and brain cells to rub together."                 -Doug, Garage Magazine


11/23/2006  "I talked to Bob Baas last evening and he said the starter arrived just fine. I may have told you this before but in case I hadn't, I should mention this. Bob builds top drawer Model's.  The very finest freeway ready cars I have ever seen.  They not only look great, but he drives them to shows, sometimes 200 miles away.  These are just weekend events that just Bob and his wife, Marie love to take in.  I guess what I'm saying is that he drives what he builds.  Anyway, he had glowing reports regarding the adapter kit that you sent him for my "B" engine.  I just thought you should hear this from one extremely satisfied customer (who hasn't even seen the goods yet).  If Bob Baas is happy with it, then I'm sure as heck happy with it.." 

 Ron, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada


2/28/2007 "Just wanted to let you know I got the kit.  I test fitted everything last night, all looks good.  The parts look outstanding, even showed them to a friend who builds hot rods for a living he was very impressed.  Thanks again, look forward to getting this vehicle on the road".

Garry, West Palm Beach, Florida


Hi Bob,

Thank you for the great service.  I received the adapter kit for my Nailvalve to 700R4 transmission; it appears to be of top quality and very well thought out.  All of the parts except the torque converter drive plate have been installed on my engine (please see attachment).  The drive plate needs to be painted, and I will not install it until the engine is actually being lifted into place - I do not want to risk damage to it.

I am a member of the Push Rods Auto Club which just had it's 50th Anniversary in the city in which we were founded -Waltham, Massachusetts. (I have only been a member for 46 years).  We have several "claims to fame" including at one time holding the old AHRA B/MR speed record with a Buick (Nailvalve) powered glass '32 Ford roadster.

One of our members- Pete Hamilton - won the 1970 Daytona 500 in a Richard Petty Plymouth Superbird.  We still have about 80 active members.  I have provided our president - Fred Hire, and our technical director, (and member of the New England Hotrodder's Hall of Fame) Bill Chaplis with information about your products, and contact information.  All of our members will have access to you and your products.

Best wishes, John Codman 02/13/2008


Hey Bob,

You probably don't remember me but I ordered one of your kits about a year ago.  I wanted to take a minute to thank you.  The kit was way more then I could have hoped for.  Everything was top notch.  What made me think about you was I was on a car forum ( there were some other guys on there talking about your kits.  I wanted to let them know how awesome it is.  I hope that I did an decent job of it.  I know personally after installing the adapter plate (maybe 5 minutes) the transmission was probably the easiest install I ever had. As a matter of a fact I took it back out because I thought that I was doing something wrong, because it was just to damn easy,.  Anyways, thanks again.

One hell of a satisfied customer,

Justin Moore 4/24/08


We would like to thank one of your Yearbook advertisers for their efforts on our behalf to make sure that we made it Back to the 50's.  Bob Bendtsen and the crew at Bendtsen's Transmission Center in ham Lake interrupted their preparations for Back to the 50's in order to take care of us first.

As usual, we had a great time!

Sincerely, John and Judy Pazik MSRA member 6/24/08


Hello Bob, I have been meaning to drop you a line about the Lincoln Y-block adapter....I am way impressed. Well thought out design, flawless operation, and great fit! I was able to install it in my '55 with minimum fuss and effort. Top notch kit as far as I am concerned.

  James Doss  6/8/09


Bob, Just wanted to say how amazing your product is! I installed the trans adapter for my 1949 Buick Super 50 convertible with a 248 straight 8 and was extremely happy with the time, engineering, and finesse that was put into creating your transmission adaptor. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone interested in a hassle free trans upgrade. Thanks SO much for your ingenuity.

   Frank Spatacco, Philadelphia   6/4/09



Nice kit for the 312. Having done several similar projects over my 50 years of cars I am qualified to say so. Don't often buy aftermarket parts that impress me. Is this plate drilled for the FE also? (yes) The trans on my wheelie car is on a gearbox at the rear of the chassis that I fabricated in '92 and still flawless. This car consistantly run's 8 second 1/4 miles at 150 on 2 wheels.

                    Thanks,  Danny O'Day  Nov 30, 2010


Received the kit about a month ago and got my car back from the shop today. Gone is the Slim-Jim and a 2004R is now in it's place. What a pleasure to drive. Probably the single best thing I've done to the car in all the years I've had it.

          Thank you much.    Mike Anderson  Colo. Springs


Bob and Bendtsen's crew,

Just wanted to send my compliments on the adapter I bought for my Packard straight 8. It REALLY woke the car up! Attached you'll find a picture of my street rod, made from 20 different cars (21 now that it has a GM trans in it). I'll send a close-up of the motor showing the adapter in place when I finish the new firewall tomorrow. You can use me as a reference anytime.

          Thanks, Joe Hallowell  Oct, 21 2010


Hi Bob,

 Hope you are well? I just thought I'd drop you a quick note with some feedback on my latest purchase ... the Mercedes to GM adapter kit.  I have just one word ... awesome! It fits a treat and I have not been able to put the thing into the Gelandewagen yet as I keep on having friends come over wanting to see it. Thank you very much, your products are just awesome!!! I spend many hours on your website dreaming up new conversions :D 

Thinus Strydom   Dec 18, 2016