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(#1) (sold) 906 cubic inch Seagrave V12 mounted in a frame so we can run it occasionally. Dual carbs

and dual ignition. Runs great. $3000.00


(#2) (sold) 817 cubic inch Waukesha straight 6 engine with dual carbs and dual ignition. Runs good. Very complete. $1250.00


(#3) (SOLD) 1938 Mack 510 cubic inch straight 6 Thermodyne engine. Runs great. Very complete. $900.00


(#4) Very rare 503 cubic inch GMC straight 6 cylinder engine. 16,900 original miles. Runs great. Factory Holley 4 bbl on it. $2500.00 The 5 speed transmission from this truck is for sale also.


(#5) 1986 turbo charged 8.2 V8 Detroit diesel engine. Still in truck. Can hear run. $1800.00


(#6) Rebuilt & dyno'd 6V53 Detroit engine. $900.00


GMC V12 distributors  $250 each

GMC V12 starters $125.00 each





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