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Transmission Related Machining Services
Flywheel Resurfacing
No step and no pins
Step and pins
Step with no pins
Pins and no step
Recessed contact area

GM Computer Reflash
Most models
Internet download reflash from GM site

Aluminum Case Welding
BW4405 T-Case Repair-Rebush Shift Rail Both Cases
5R55W Case Rebush Servo Pins


Turn Down Clutch Pistons for Added Clutches
To your dimensions
priced by the job
Large Brake Drum Resurfacing    
We can cut drums all the way up to Semi's
priced by the job

Re-Arcing Brake Shoes                                                 "This is yet another thing that gets overlooked and can make a big difference in braking especially on obsolete drums or drums that are just within tolerance.  When you turn your drums you create a larger diameter and change the radius, especially when the drums are nearing the end of their useful life at say .090" oversize.  Doesn't sound like a lot but when you take a new re-lined shoe and place it in a drum that has been turned you will see the difference.                                                                                   Re-arcing the shoes will remove the material at the highest point (the center) of the drum. Although it removes some of the braking material, it will give you better braking because you have more brake material contacting the drum. There are few shops that will still do this so more than likely you will have to look hard to find one".  AND YOU HAVE FOUND ONE!!  Borrowed from OL' SKOOL RODZ issue #21 May 2007

priced by the job the job
Rear Wheel Drive Transmission Dyno
Test your transmission before you install it
     Converter stall speed
     Shift quality
priced by the job
Antique Transmissions
Antique and Obsolete transmission rebuilding
Many hard parts in stock for old transmissions
call for prices

We sell and service aftermarket Electronic Transmission Control Systems. TCI/Bauman Eng and others.

We also sell transmission adapters for many vintage motors to late model O/D transmissions.

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