Bendtsen's Speed Gems Manufacturing

Military projects we have done over the past few years


  staging area ready for shipment

 M113 transfer gear-cases & TX100-1A transmissions in rebuilding area

  M88 tank axles and TX100-1A transmissions about to get Dyno tested.

M113 M113 M113 Mark II upgrade powerplant M113's wating for overhaul M113 hull on turning machine for weldingl M113 hull M113 hull mods M113 hull mods completed M113 hull getting new powerplant upgrade M113 hull on turner Upgraded steering differential

Mercedes variant Mark 0 M113's getting upgraded to Mark II configuration


M60 M41 M3 tank command car

Bob on site at track vehicle maintenance depot (not in the US)


We built the transmission valve body test machine for the M1 Abrahms tank transmission.