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One of our competitors has just introduced a kit for the Buick Nail heads, which was copied from my kit. After they bought from me through another person, they claim that their kit is the highest quality kit on the market. I've seen their kit. It is not of the highest quality, as they claim.  Copying my kit and calling it theirs is no way to do business.  I hope anyone thinking of buying one of their copied kits thinks about how they do business.



My kit is made from M1C6 Tool Plate that is water jetted, then CNC machined. The crank adapter is 12L14 Steel that is made on a CNC Lathe that is certified to .0004 accuracy. The flywheels are balanced on my own Stewart-Warner balancer. All my bolt hole locations are obtained from Buick blocks and cranks that I paid to have dimensioned on a CMM machine. These coordinates are kept in a cad/cam file on my computer.  I developed this kit on my own. Thank you for your business!!



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