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Projects in the pipeline and more!

Hello everyone,

We’ve been busy! Speed Gems has several projects at various development stages, and we have updates and BIG NEWS to share. (Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for real-time updates.)


New Kit Coming Soon!

Let’s get right to the big news - we’ve almost finished the new Honda K-Series to Chevy RWD transmission adapter kit! We are looking for a solution that doesn't require an expensive custom-made flywheel or flexplate to keep the kit affordable. We hope that this means you can find a standard small block Chevy flywheel or flexplate that best suits your application. The popularity of the Honda K-series has continued to grow, and we see these engines put into pretty much every application possible. This kit finally solves the “issues” with your Miata build! Our engineer has done some initial designs, which have turned out pretty good but need some revisions. We will be making our second revision design in the coming weeks, hopefully putting a completion date in sight.  


Expanded Mercedes Options!

Secondly, we have started to expand our Mercedes offering as demanded by you! We are working on an adapter from the Mercedes OM60X to the Dodge NV4500 that originally came off the back of the 5.9 Cummins. We have had offerings for the Chevy and Ford transmissions for several years but have not expanded until now. Along with the NV4500, we are also planning on offering an option for you Jeep fans out there! 

We have partnered up with a local company here in the Madison, WI area with some ideas for future projects and are supplying us with some of the needed engines to make these happen. It is a bit too early to know precisely when and what we will be doing. With that, we are open to creating some custom adapters. We want to continue to partner with people and companies that are continuing to push the envelope of what is possible. This means Speed Gems wants to hear from you about potential conversions and applications. Please shoot us an email: Sales@transmissionadapters.com with your ideas.


New Project Truck!

Last year we bought a project truck, and now that we are finally coming out of the deep freeze of winter, it is time to get to work! Here are the details: It is a 1949 F-100, currently sitting on a custom square tube chassis with a four-link rear-end and a Crown Vic front end. This truck was started by someone else, and as with many of our own projects, started but never finished. It gives us a great starting point, and we will be working on it ourselves, just like you at home. 

Currently, the truck’s engine is 460 "Big Block Ford," which is not what we had in mind. What does this mean... well, it is going to be different, fun, and exciting. We will try and make weekly build videos and post them on our YouTube channel and pictures on our Instagram and Facebook.

Custom Kit for Land Speed Car!

Lastly, we wanted to show off one of our latest custom-made projects. We received a call from a gentleman who is building a Land Speed car with a Mercedes OM606. What was different about this kit is that he needed our plate to act as a “mid-plate” to mount on the rear of the engine and transmission. With a few emails and a couple of phone calls, we figured out exactly what size and dimensions he needed. This set us into motion designing, machining, and anodizing this plate. 

As with most of our plates, we engrave our logo and part number for future reference. This time, we decided to add a quote along with our logo. It turned out beautifully, and ultimately, our customer loved the special touch! The crew here at Speed Gems really knocked this project out of the park!

Stay tuned as we have a great summer planned with more announcements to come! As always, thank you for your business and continued support we are looking forward to the future!

Thank you,
Speed Gems Team

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