Our Partners in the Automotive World - Bowler Performance Transmissions

Our Partners in the Automotive World - Bowler Performance Transmissions

Bowler Performance Transmissions traces its roots back to 1963 when it began as a small, family-owned transmission shop catering to the local community. Mark officially joined the company in 1985 and was building transmissions by the tender age of 13. By 17, he was teaching the high school automotive class how to assemble transmissions, showcasing his exceptional skills and passion for the trade. 

The company's breakthrough came in 1999 when they had the opportunity to build a transmission for Rad Rides by Troy. In 2001, when the business was passed down from his father, Cline, Mark ensured that the quality and service remained unwavering. However, his passion for performance vehicles propelled the customer base to new heights, transforming the company into the industry leader it is today. Mark believes that the company's success is directly tied to its customers, and therefore, they focus on attracting the best clients who allow them to deliver their finest work. The mission has always been to build lasting relationships, not just products. Mark believes that the same attention to detail that goes into building the perfect vehicle should also apply to its "driving force" – the transmission.

Bowler Performance Transmissions is a faith-based company that offers unique, custom-tailored transmission packages specifically designed for each client's ride, whether it's a pro-touring, street rod, muscle car, or an extreme custom build. Their transmissions are built based on torque ratings rather than horsepower, ensuring optimal performance. 

By taking the time to understand each client's needs through their tech sheet, they can determine the best options to fit the client's requirements. All transmissions are custom-built according to the vehicle's specifications, rejecting the "one-size-fits-all" approach. A lot goes into their meticulous process, reflecting their commitment to excellence.


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