Ford FE to Ford Truck 5 Speed ZFS5-47 Adapter Kit Installation

Ford FE to Ford Truck 5 Speed ZFS5-47 Adapter Kit Installation

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John Woodby - April 2, 2024

I have a 390 FE I’d like to ZF5 swap. Do you offer an adapter that allows me to use the 300 6cyl, 302, 351W bolt pattern? Thank you

Lukas Taylor - December 28, 2022

I need a adaptor that goes from a 404 John deere diesel engine to a standard 1990 5 speed on a f350

Todd Marshall - December 12, 2022

I have a for FE engine and I want put a ZF5 Trans out of a 95 F250 that had a 460 gas. do you an adapter that will work for that.

chan - November 28, 2022

ford 390 fe
i can have 2 transmission
zf5 from a v10 2002 f350
zf5 from a f250 1991 with a 5 liter
the adapter will fitte?? thank you

Mario Briones - April 11, 2022

my question is… this kit works for 390 Ford engine

Richard Schmit - March 23, 2021

I have a 1976 Ford F250 High Boy 390CID do you make an adapter for a ZF tranny off of a 460CID to fit the 390

Jim Gabrielson - February 8, 2021

Hello how about an adapter to put the FE motor to a ZF5 spd from a 460 gas ford?

If not how much money for the FE adapter to use the ZF5 spd out of the modular gas ford 2004 style

Spencer P - February 8, 2021

I really want this kit! When will it be available?

Richardroach - December 15, 2020

I have 390 in early 1977 ford f250 need 5 speed

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