SBF to 6R80 Kit Now Available!

SBF to 6R80 Kit Now Available!

Good news everyone! Our SBF to 6R80/Modular transmission adapter kit is now up on our website and ready to ship. There is a limited Supply on this first run! Hurry up and get yours ordered Today!!! We also have options for you to include a US Shift Stand-Alone transmission computer with your kit. When bundled you'll save on the cost of your kit!!

 We are really excited on how well this kit turned out. It requires no cutting or grinding of your bellhousing keeping the strength in the bellhousing. 

The adapter plate is made from a single piece of 6061 billet aluminum. Also, we made our crank spacer from billet 6061 as well. We have made sure to remove as much material as safe. It weighs in at about 13lbs which should minimally impact performance of your engine. 

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Alexander Lucero - October 22, 2020

If you could do an adapter for SBF to chrysler/zf 8hp70 as well as an OM606 to 8hp70 you would make my day!

DOn LeDrew - September 22, 2020

I would like to mate a 700R4 with a 1963 394cu in
It is in a 1956 olds right now with a slim Jim
I understand you have an adapter for this

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