Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Starter Cross Reference

Buick Casting Number ID Chart


Nailhead Installation Instructions

Oldsmobile Automatic Trans Installation Instructions

Olds Manual Kit with Aluminum Flywheel & Bellhousing

Ford Flathead Installation Instructions

Ford Y-Block to AOD Installation Instructions

Ford Y Block to Chev Installation Instructions

Ford Model A & B Installation Instructions

'55-'64 Pontiac Installation Instructions

Ford FE to Chev Installation Instructions

Buick Straight 8 Installation Instructions

'56-'64 Pontiac Installation Instructions

Ford 429/460 Installation Instructions

Ford FE to AOD Installation Instructions

49-51 Lincoln Installation Instructions

52-57 Lincoln Installation Instructions

Late Model B.P.O.C. Installation Instructions

Studebaker Installation Instructions

Chev 6 Cylinder to Chev V8 Style Installation Instructions

Kaiser-Willys to Chev Auto Installation Instructions