OL303 1961-1964 Oldsmobile 394 with "Slim-Jim" to Chevy Automatic Transmission (166-tooth externally balanced)



You will be re-using the stock Slim-Jim flywheel with this kit. Remove the original drive plate that is held onto the stock flywheel with 5/16's bolts and 2 pins. Then remove the bolts holding the flywheel to the Old's crankshaft.

The stock starter or an aftermarket replacement must be used with this kit as well.

Materials Included:

(1) Adapter Plate - Olds/Cadillac 1949-1964 to Chevy
(1) Early Olds Crank Adapter
(1) Torque Converter Drive Plate
(2) Dowel Pin .620 x 1
(8) SHCS 7/16-14 x 1
(6) 7/16-20 x 3/4 Flexplate Bolts
(6) SHCS 7/16-20 x 3-1/4
(3) Extra Thick Washer 7/16 H
(3) USS Flat Washer 7/16 YZ 8
(6) 7/16 HC Lock Washer

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Installation Instructions