'55 Chev with Italian Built V12 Aluminum 730 ci Hemi

BPM all aluminum, Italian built 12 cylinder hemi, off-shore race boat engine project. Whew! That's a mouthfull!

This is a project car we are working on for a customer right now. It is interesting enough that we will continue to update the pictures as we go.

We are starting with a very clean 1955 Chev 2 door post car that was purchased in California and driven back here with the original 235 6 cylinder engine and 3 speed overdrive transmission. The engine and the frame /chassis /suspension with new brakes is for sale.

The first thing we did was to special order a frame from the Roadster shop with all the goodies one would expect to find in a high dollar build including 13 inch brakes all around. We want the car to stop quick since the motor will be around 800 HP and is rated at 810 ft lbs of torque at 3800 RPM.

The engine we are using is an Italian built off-shore race boat motor. It is a 12 cylinder, all aluminum hemi, displacing 730 cubic inches. We are coupling it to a Chev 4L80E transmission with a custom adaptor kit made by us. It looks like this kit will also work on the V8 version of this engine.

We are at the point of mounting the engine and trans in the frame right now. The oiling system is built similar to a dry sump oiling system only the system is inside the oil pan. The oil pump is driven by a chain under the crankshaft. It feeds the block through a series of pipes. We have sliced and diced the oil pan and are re-routing the pipes so the engine can be dropped lower onto the frame. We re-positioned the P.S. rack for this purpose.

This '55 Chev owned by Gary Kollofski won Best of Show at the Car Craft Summer Nationals.

This car was built in our shop by Dale Pelvit. 730 cubic inch, all aluminum 12 cylinder Hemi, built in Italy.

Suicide doors using all stock Chev door hardware, flip front, flip hood, 4L80E built by us along with the trans adapter.

3 650 Holley carbs, Distributorless ignition, much more.

You can see this car on Holleys website or in the Car Craft magazine.