Custom Adapter Projects

We can design and build custom adapters for your project. 

What is needed for us to consider the project:

1. Engine & Trans shipped to our shop (We will NOT build anything from sketches or drawings)

2. A down payment based on estimated cost

3. It has to be something that makes sense (If you want to put your Chevette Diesel onto a C6 from a Ford Truck, we probably can't do it)

4. Give us enough time to get the job done, roughly 2 months. 

 *We have hundreds of engines + transmissions to use as templates. We can also purchase engines and transmissions to use instead of shipping yours.

We have a large production facility consisting of 37 CNC Mills, 6 CNC Lathes with live tooling, 3 Manual Mills, 4 Manual Lathes, 1 CMM Zeiss and much more support equipment