Model 'A' Coupe with V12

Model'A' was originally built around a 337 Lincoln flathead engine with Edmunds heads and custom made stack injection. We even made the intake manifold here in our shop. It has a quick change rear end with a diamond track differential. The brake system is really unique. The pedal activates the rear mounted master cylinder and power booster by moving a 7/8 ground steel rod through linear bearings on highly stiffened frame. It has a 4 inch chop. It is sectioned and channeled in the rear so it would sit level and low. The trunk has 100 louvers in it and the tail lights can be seen through the louvers. We have since lengthened the frame another 10 inches and installed a Seagrave V12 from a 1941 firetruck. The doors are suicided.

This ride just appeared in Ol Skool Rodz #39 and Car Culture Deluxe #38. After looking over these pictures, I had forgotten how much work went into it and how long this car has taken to get done. Of course the motor, transmission, frame and front brakes have all changed direction during the course of the project. Talk about doing things twice! The roof filler panel came from a 1954 Packard.