MT1000701 Ford T-5 1983-1993 to Ford Flathead with stamped steel bellhousing

by Ford

Materials Included:

(1) Adapter plate - Merc/Ford Flathead to Ford T-5
(2) FHSCS 7/16-14 X 1-1/2 2
(2) SHCS 7/16-20 X 2 2
(2) SHCS 7/16-14 X 1 1/4 2

This adapter plate will allow you to bolt a 1983 through 1993 Ford T5 onto a Chevy V8 bellhousing. It comes with a new Chevy front bearing retainer and custom pilot bushing. The front bearing retainer is so you can use the stock throw out bearing and fork. Even though the clutch size listing says the 10 spline clutch is slightly different, we have found that most 10 spline clutches work fine on Chevy and Ford. 

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